a commissioned artist to the British Mycological Society

Field Mushrooms, acrylic on canvas by Peter Thwaites
Large-format prints on canvas

This original painting was approximately 6 inches tall. We were asked to enlarge it to over 3 feet tall, split it into 3 and print and mount each section on to separate canvasses.

Here you can see the canvasses displayed on the wall of a large mushroom farm.

The images could have been even larger. This process could be applied to any of the images on our website.


1. Amethysteaamethystea painted canvas bag 2. ArmillariaArmillaria mellea printed canvas bag 3. AgaricusAgaricus augustus, printed canvas bag 4. CraterellusHorn of Plenty, printed canvas bag 5. MelastizaMelastiza printed canvas bag

We are investigating the production of simple canvas or jute shopping bags with a pocket stitched into the front printed with different mushroom images. We show some sample images here . Any images are, however, possible and the colour of the canvas and handles can be varied.

We would be most interested to hear comments on such bags - whether they would find favour out in the market.

If you could spare the time to email us any comments you may have, this would be much appreciated and we will keep you posted on progress of the project.

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