a commissioned artist to the British Mycological Society




This folding tennis chair is the genuine article, supremely comfortable, portable and hard wearing. It is of a strong, robust design and specification, made for outdoor or indoor use - great for use outside in the garden, on the terrace or patio, and Indoors for dining or in a conservatory.

It is made by a family run business based in Portsmouth on the South Coast of the United Kingdom.
They began manufacturing deckchairs in 1991 primarily to service and maintain the deckchair operations on beaches and promenades. They are still much involved with seafront deckchairs, though the supply of traditional furniture is now the main thrust of the business.

Dimensions of the folding chairs are as follows:

  • Width 565mm
  • Width when folded 225mm
  • Height 915mm
  • Depth 535mm
  • Seat height 450mm
  • Arm height 675 mm

All the timber frames are made with durable merpauh wood (see details below) treated with teak oil. This provides excellent protection against the elements and wear, extends the working life, and the fine finish enhances the natural appearance.


Modular construction makes for easy maintenance and repair. The entire range of spare parts, fabrics and fixings can be supplied.


Back panels :

The botanical images are printed using a dye sublimation process which fuses the colour into the fabric (rather than being sprayed and layered on top as with most digital prints on paper), making it very resistant to fading and rubbing off. The fabric used is 100% polyester 500 gm artists' canvas in natural white to optimise print performance.

Seats :

The seat panels can either be made from the same natural white canvas as is used for printing the back panels or, for contrast, can be made from :

Acrylic : ... a most durable contract range of fabrics. Specially designed for outdoor use this is a premium grade acrylic, also suitable for marine applications. Excellent colour retention - subjected to 800 hours of an alternating programme of sunlight and sprinkling this fabric still retains its bright colours. The acrylic is available in dark olive green, dark blue and other colours.. We suggest the dark olive green colour to set off the botanic images to perfection.

Protecting the environment

Merpauh is the timber of choice for this exterior furniture.
Merpauh is classified by the Timber Research and Development Association as a durable hardwood. They define durable as 15-25 years contact with the ground.

Durability is very important to our environment: frequent replacement of a deckchair is costly to our environment, not just in terms of tree felling (if used from a non-sustainable source) but all the other energy consumption involved in making and transporting a deckchair.

The Merpauh used for these chairs is sourced from selectively logged MTCC certified forests in Malaysia. The company is now working, with their supplier towards product certification by the MTCC (Malaysian Timber Certification Council, www.mtcc.com.my). The principles and criteria of the MTCC are based on those of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).